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True Ohio Pride

After reading this, I’m damn near in tears. I saw the original post on Facebook a few days ago because I have a lot of friends in common with Joel. And of course I love Late Night Slice, so I’d seen the story start to make the rounds. But seeing Columbus get national coverage for people standing up for their peers makes me so fucking proud of this city. High five to everyone involved! Except the bigot who started it. Fuck that guy and his silent friend. I hope they’re both heartily ashamed of their gross behavior.

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New Short North Mini-Murals

Quick question: why did we go to the trouble of installing these new mini-murals when we could have restored what we already have and/or created new, permanent work? Does not compute.

Yet another case of Columbus/Central Ohio and public art mixing like oil and water. Can we please get some people in city government/civic organizations who understand art? And who won’t install execrable things like wedding-cake fountains with tiny elephants on them (“Friends” of Goodale Park) or fields of cement corn or the hideous plaques on the Lane Avenue Bridge. Please. I beg of you. Stop the madness.

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In Columbus, Ohio, the Short North Arts Belt Is Thriving -


Fun Fact: Living in the Short North helped inspire the creation of Fuck Yeah Ohio. 

I want to like this article, but it just gives me an overwhelming sense of ickiness. I love the SN; I’m there all the time. But there’s no feeling for the people who actually live there or in the surrounding area in this article. I know it’s mainly about the economic development, but I think the desire to live there should be reflected. And no mention of Franklinton: yeah or nay?

Word on the street is that Anderson Cooper was here recently to tape something about food trucks. Look for that on his show or 60 Minutes, I guess?

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Things To Do In Your First Year In Columbus…and the Rest of the Time You Live Here

1)      Tune in to CD102.5 FM

2)      Go to Gallery Hop

3)      Go to the Columbus Museum of Art, the Wexner Center for the Arts, COSI, the Riffe Gallery, OSU Urban Arts Space…Get your art on

4)      Bar hop til you find one to make your own

5)      Read Alive, Other Paper, and Columbus Underground.

6)      Walk around German Village in the fall. Drink a lager. Eat some schnitzel.

7)      Tailgate. Tailgate your ass off.

8)      Grab a coffee from Cup o’ Joe

9)      Do Dine Originals

10)  Shop North Market

11)  Get a membership to the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Use it.

12)  Come Comfestivus with the rest of us.

13)  Go ‘fest at any and all community gatherings you hear about, especially Independents’ Day

14)  Stop at the many farmers’ markets that have popped up around town.

15)  See an outdoor movie at the Wex, the State House, Goodale Park…

16)  See a CAPA Summer Series movie

17)  Eat some Late Night Slice, Ray Ray’s, Cheesy Truck, or Ajumama

18)  Have a whiskey cocktail at Barrel 44 and nosh during happy hour

19)  Go record shopping! The store owners in Columbus are really wonderful and inviting

20)  Sit on a patio in the Short North and people watch to your heart’s content

21)  Drive by the Santa Maria. Ask yourself “why?”

22)  Drive by the Field of Corn in Dublin. Repeat above question.

23)  Fall in love with Liz Lessner like the rest of us have; try all of her restaurants/cocktails

24)  Drive around Olde Towne East. Marvel at the blight and beautiful houses.

25)  Move to Franklinton and open an independent restaurant, café, t-shirt store, knick-knack shop, or salon. Mayor Coleman will probably give you a key to the city.

Done them all? Congrats! You’re a true Columbian! Columbusser! Columbine? Ummmm….you live here. Good job :)

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Just a day in the ‘Bus

While driving to meet a friend for coffee this afternoon (and skillfully navigating the 2012 blackout obstacles strewn about High St), I saw a Segway tour by the convention center, a man painted entirely silver standing at the Tim Hortons on Broad and High, and saw that there’ll be a new coffee shop/roaster in the Short North soon. Guess which of those things I was most excited about.

Hint: caffeine is one of my food groups. The others are American Spirits, free beer, and bacon.

OMG. Am I actually a frat boy? I did not know that.

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Urban Renewal

Attention: I, your faithful blogger, am playing catch-up; like a jeweler, I’ve been delicately measuring and evaluating the best way to cut and polish all of the Columbusy topics I want to set in gold (just go with it).  In reality, I am an inveterate procrastinator.  It’s a problem! I know! I recognize this and am working on it.

            Moving backwards through some great Wexner Center events and a local mag’s article, I’ll be writing about three diverse topics in early December. First off, the Glimcher Lecture at the Wex.

Read more …

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