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Happy 200th birthday, Columbus. You don’t look a day over 150. I know you’re having work done (new hotel in the Arena District, the never-ending construction on 670, a casino on the Eastside), but don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. Just do what’s right for you. A little facelift by way of filling potholes and repaving roads is necessary at your age. I want you to know I love you on this very special Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate your bicentennial, hometown, I pledge to support local music and spread the gospel of rock ‘n’ roll across this great city and the interwebs. As a token of my esteem for Columbus music, here’s a video from one of the scene’s great white hopes, Times New Viking.

Let’s hear it for a Columbus North By Northwest Fest in the near future! We are the Austin of the Midwest! The Indie Art Capital of the World! The eaters of chocolate-covered peanut butter balls and drinkers of fine microbrews! Let’s make Columbus great in 2012!

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